Author's bouquets

When it is difficult to confess and express feelings, XOstudio FLOWERS Company comes to the rescue – wizards in the world of floristry! A bouquet, selected according to the occasion, mood, and season, taking into account all the customer's wishes, and, most importantly, the characteristics and worldview of the person presented, will say more than a thousand words.

Bouquet Altaea Bouquet Altaea Bouquet Altaea Hydrangea / chrysanthemum / rose / berries
2000 mdl
Bouquet "Sunny" Bouquet "Sunny" Bouquet "Sunny" Buchet "Sunny"
1400 mdl
Bouquet "Afina" Bouquet "Afina" Bouquet "Afina" Amaryllis / diantus / germini / roses / fresia / hydrangea
2100 mdl
Bouquet "Purple-white" Bouquet "Purple-white" Bouquet "Purple-white" Hydrangea / roses / eucalypt
900 mdl
Bouquet "Pink Love" Bouquet "Pink Love" Bouquet "Pink Love" Roses spray / tanacetum / chryzantema
1850 mdl
Bouquet "A fiery sunset" Bouquet "A fiery sunset" Bouquet "A fiery sunset" Rose / gerbera / lagurus / stabilized leaves
1100 mdl
Bouquet "Green sun" Bouquet "Green sun" Bouquet "Green sun" Hydrangea / chryzantemym / eustoma / ornithogalum
2500 mdl
Bouquet "Sweetheart" Bouquet "Sweetheart" Bouquet "Sweetheart" Hydrangea / chryzantema / gerbera
800 mdl
Bouquet "Fresh fall" Bouquet "Fresh fall" Bouquet "Fresh fall" Chryzantema / gerbera / rosę / tanacetum
1300 mdl
Bouquet "Dawn" Bouquet "Dawn" Bouquet "Dawn" Roses / gerbera
1400 mdl
Bouquet "Autumn sun" Bouquet "Autumn sun" Bouquet "Autumn sun" Rose / chryzantema / ruskus
1350 mdl
Bouquet "Shine" Bouquet "Shine" Bouquet "Shine" Hortensia / gerbera / panicum / ruskus / chryzantema
1600 mdl
Bouquet "warm breeze" Bouquet "warm breeze" Bouquet "warm breeze" Hydrangea / rose / chryzantema / ruskus
1450 mdl
Bouquet "Royal Parad" Bouquet "Royal Parad" Bouquet "Royal Parad" Hydrangea / eustoma / eucalyptus
2550 mdl
Bouquet "Gentle Autumn " Bouquet "Gentle Autumn " Bouquet "Gentle Autumn " Roses
1350 mdl
Bouquet "A summer moment" Bouquet "A summer moment" Bouquet "A summer moment" Hydrangea / tanacetum
1150 mdl
Bouquet "Angelica" Bouquet "Angelica" Bouquet "Angelica" Hydrangea / rose / peony
2200 mdl
Bouquet "The Flower Secret" Bouquet "The Flower Secret" Bouquet "The Flower Secret" Hydrangea / delphinium / rose / gerbera / anthurium / eustoma
1600 mdl
Bouquet "Warm Moments" Bouquet "Warm Moments" Bouquet "Warm Moments" Tanacetum / Craspedia / Hydrangea / Eucalyptus / Eustoma
990 mdl
Bouquet "White flowers" Bouquet "White flowers" Bouquet "White flowers" Hydrangea / chrysanthemum / tanacetum
950 mdl
Bouquet "Instyle" Bouquet "Instyle" Bouquet "Instyle" Rose / matthiola / dianthus
850 mdl
Field bouquet Field bouquet Field bouquet Panicum / chrysanthemum daisy / freesia
550 mdl
Bouquet "Rose wine" Bouquet "Rose wine" Bouquet "Rose wine" Hydrangea / freesia / rose / eustoma
1680 mdl
Bouquet "Love Rising" Bouquet "Love Rising" Bouquet "Love Rising" Roses NinaRoses Pink Mondial
830 mdl
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We create exclusive bouquets, sensitively listening to the trends of a dynamically developing world. Space and time whisper ideas; the cultivation of new species and varieties of flowers leads to the emergence of original motifs of flower arrangements. 
Round bouquets, baskets, flower boxes – we do everything so that you can amaze and charm, delight the addressee of your gift and bring the radiance of the holiday into insipid everyday life.