Ecological responsibility

The specialization of the XOstudio FLOWERS company is flower bouquets, compositions, and the creation of author's bouquets. We work directly with natural resources and are more than anyone interested in preserving the balance in nature and protecting the fragile world around us.

In addition to flower material, the company works with different types of packages, baskets, boxes, and our online store also offers additional accessories for decorating compositions and giving uniqueness to each bouquet. And we assure you that we are very strict with all organic and inorganic substances and raw materials used in the company's work, setting the most stringent requirements in terms of environmental standards for our permanent suppliers of products. We are guided by the same principles in our search for new partners. And these same principles promote our social activity in the direction of protecting the green and blue massif of the earth.

Following our ecological principles, we installed a special container in the company's office for collecting used household batteries, where anyone can sort them, and then, when the container is full, its contents are taken away by a special company for disposal. Also, our company refused to use and sell balloons, as they decompose poorly and hurt the environment.

But that’s not the end. We call on all our business partners, and clients of the company to join the broad movement to exclude synthetic non-degradable products from our circulation, and to support social activities in the field of environmental protection, which we initiate by ourselves!

This includes:

☼ installation of special containers for sorting various wastes for their further safe disposal; 
☼ conducting eco-actions and organizing promotional campaigns to attract attention to the "green movement", active interaction with the city and republican social projects; 
☼ open information about eco-friendly activities to increase involvement in caring for the environment.

We have already done it and are doing it! It's your turn!

Beauty is synonymous with purity!