MОNО/DUO bouquets

Monobouquets of one type of flowers are luxurious, they are always at the top – from modest chamomile to an aristocratic rose or a mysterious orchid. In this case, the ideal combination of form and content is round bouquets in a monogamous style. Such compositions are very eloquent in their minimalism and conciseness. They are good for gifting to self-made people with romantic and defined aesthetic tastes.

Bouquet "Summer sky" Bouquet "Summer sky" Bouquet "Summer sky" Hydrangea / tanacetum / eustoma
3700 mdl
Bouquet "Mondial mix" Bouquet "Mondial mix" Bouquet "Mondial mix" Rose
3600 mdl
Bouquet "Charm" Bouquet "Charm" Bouquet "Charm" Peony / matiola
850 mdl
Bouquet "Sweet Candy" Bouquet "Sweet Candy" Bouquet "Sweet Candy" Roses spray
1400 mdl
Bouquet "Fresh" Bouquet "Fresh" Bouquet "Fresh" Rose / chrysantema / Turkish carnation
720 mdl
Bouquet made of white roses Bouquet made of white roses Bouquet made of white roses Rose
4400 mdl
Bouquet made of hydrangea Bouquet made of hydrangea Bouquet made of hydrangea Hydrangea
1650 mdl
Bouquet "La Fleur" Bouquet "La Fleur" Bouquet "La Fleur" Chyzantema / rose / hydrangea
2700 mdl
Bouquet "Momo" Bouquet "Momo" Bouquet "Momo" Chryzantema
850 mdl
Bouquet XL Bouquet XL Bouquet XL Hydrangea / roses spray
4600 mdl
Bouquet "Flight of tenderness" Bouquet "Flight of tenderness" Bouquet "Flight of tenderness" Rose / hydrangea
700 mdl
Bouquet "Sweet paints" Bouquet "Sweet paints" Bouquet "Sweet paints" Rose spray / rose
1350 mdl
Bouquet "Mandarinos" Bouquet "Mandarinos" Bouquet "Mandarinos" Roses
2800 mdl
Bouquet "I love you" Bouquet "I love you" Bouquet "I love you" Peony
10450 mdl
Bouquet "Roses spray" Bouquet "Roses spray" Bouquet "Roses spray" Roses spray
1095 mdl
Bouquet "Lime sorbet" Bouquet "Lime sorbet" Bouquet "Lime sorbet" Germini
410 mdl
Bouquet "Unique" Bouquet "Unique" Bouquet "Unique" Rose / delphinium
950 mdl
Bouquet "Aerobic" Bouquet "Aerobic" Bouquet "Aerobic" Roses
850 mdl
Bouquet "Eustoma" Bouquet "Eustoma" Bouquet "Eustoma" Eustoma
750 mdl
Bouquet "Ameli" Bouquet "Ameli" Bouquet "Ameli" Hyacinth / eucalyptus
550 mdl
Bouquet "Mon ami" Bouquet "Mon ami" Bouquet "Mon ami" Trandafir / genista
1250 mdl
Bouquet "Gypsophila pink" Bouquet "Gypsophila pink" Bouquet "Gypsophila pink" Gypsophila
300 mdl
Bouquet "Good morning" Bouquet "Good morning" Bouquet "Good morning" Hyacinth / tulip
700 mdl
Bouquet "Reverent tenderness" Bouquet "Reverent tenderness" Bouquet "Reverent tenderness" Gerbera
460 mdl
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In our friendly team of florists XOstudio FLOWERS, we really love to work on creating monobouquets, putting the brightest and kindest message into them so that you can buy a bouquet and feel joy in your soul. 
It seems that just to collect a bouquet filled with meaning, you need to feel each plant and understand the philosophy of floristry subtly. 
To fully enjoy the beauty of the flower world, sign up for the flower subscription of fresh flowers – your life will always be in harmony with beauty.