Flower subscription

Flower subscription is a service for those who want to always have fresh flowers at home, in the office, in the hall for official negotiations, in the manager's office, and at the reception in hotels, showrooms, boutiques, restaurants, salons, and clinics. 
We consider all the client's wishes: various flowers, smells, and color preferences.

The cost of flower delivery subscriptions starts at 2,600 lei. The package includes a subscription for 1 month with the delivery of one bouquet per week. Each bouquet is unique and is not repeated within one month.

The range is variable:

☼ seasonal collective bouquets;

mono/duo bouquets together with vases that we provide for rent, selecting them in accordance with the interior (2 different vases for 4 weeks);

☼ development and creation of composition of bouquets on individual request.

A flower subscription is issued at the client's choice

☼ 1 month, 
☼ 3 months, 
☼ 6 months, 
☼ 12 months.

Delivery of flowers in Chisinau is free.

A flower subscription is a very profitable option: even with a subscription for 1 month, you save up to 10% of the bouquet cost. 
Making a flower subscription as a gift to a loved one is an excellent opportunity to open your heart and express warm appreciation. 
Don't hesitate – sign up for a flower subscription at XOstudio FLOWERS – feelings, like flowers, should be fresh.