Christmas decor

Gift a magical holiday to your loved ones with the New Year decor collection from XOstudio FLOWERS! Our range of festive decorations is designed to add enchanting vibes to any space and make a wonderful gift for everyone you cherish. Hurry to order your Christmas decor in advance.

In our Christmas collection, you can expect amazing compositions with festive candles for tables of any size; Christmas accessories for decorating fireplaces and entrance areas; Christmas wreaths of various diameters to adorn your entrance doors in a special way. Elegant decorative Christmas trees of various heights will add coziness and joy to the interior of your home and the homes of your relatives and loved ones. The entire collection is crafted with care from live aromatic coniferous branches, glass baubles, and high-quality decorative materials.
Don't miss the chance to create unique moments together with XOstudio FLOWERS and delight your loved ones with the true magic of the holiday!