What is an author's bouquet?

The author's bouquet in floristry can be compared with haute couture clothes. This is an exclusive created by one florist or design team for special occasions.

The idea of such a bouquet is to convey the individuality and character of the recipient, to create a unique atmosphere of the event for which the flowers are intended, but first of all, of course, to reflect the personal vision, taste, and aesthetic «handwriting» of the florist. The author's bouquet reflects the fantasy of an unlimited range of flowers and decorative elements, including rare and exotic plants, which makes it special and one-of-a-kind.

Who needs it?

Author's bouquets from the floristry brand XOstudio FLOWERS have their fans and users. First of all, these are extraordinary people who strive to be different from others, and every gift that they make to relatives, friends, and colleagues, must be original and carry a secret semantic load. Creating an author's bouquet on a personal order, in this case, is a spiritual tandem between a florist and a customer.

Haute couture bouquets are interesting for creative business owners who want to decorate their office, high-level business meeting, or corporate party with flowers so that it remains in the memory of partners and clients for a long time. As a rule, such a bouquet is ordered with an eye to the fact that it will reflect the style and philosophy of the company.

Organizers of cool events order unique compositions from a florist, thus decorating spectacular WOW performances for weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations. And believe us, long after the holidays of this level, the guests will say: «Oh, what a delightful flower "charme" there was!»

And, of course, a true florist, as an artist, feels the need to create unique author's collections, where they can put their soul, creative and professional skills.

We compared the author's compositions with haute couture fashion. In addition to the aesthetic content, a subtle sense of character, and the compatibility of colors selected for the composition, the author's bouquet is invariably high-quality of all components.

About the price

Yes, it may be more expensive than the usual huge bouquet from the xoflowers.md online store catalog, it may even be a little more expensive than ordering a Premium bouquet, but this is an exceptional chance to purchase the work of the Master and declare yourself as a fine connoisseur of floral art.

In favor of bouquets from the catalog

The choice between an author's and a regular bouquet depends on the situation and what you want to convey to the recipient of the bouquet.

Bouquets from the catalog are accessible and practical. They consist of flowers, and familiar and beloved ones, which bring many memories. They can and should be given daily to beloved mothers, ladies of the heart. And they fit perfectly into the atmosphere of warm family gatherings or family celebrations.

Sometimes, if you want to give a bouquet in a more formal setting or don't know the recipient's preferences, a regular bouquet will be a better choice.

Voting «for»

You can order any bouquet from the catalog or an author's floral masterpiece at XOstudio FLOWERS. And we will make sure that it will be created and selected, taking into account your wishes and style. And it will make the mood you ordered and our florists-designers created!

Because we know what love is!