How to choose a wedding bouquet

One of the important roles in creating a unique image of the newlyweds plays the bride's bouquet. It is the quintessence of beauty and tenderness of the bride. It is sometimes very difficult for girls to choose the right bouquet, but there is a wonderful reminder of how to choose a floral masterpiece for a wedding.

1. When choosing a bouquet, start with the wedding theme to get a feel for it and determine what type of bouquet will be most suitable. If the wedding takes place in a classic style, you should choose a round bouquet with more «modest» flowers, while for a romantic wedding, you can choose bouquets of roses, peonies, and other petal flowers.

2. Next, consider the bride's outfit. When choosing a bouquet, the style of the dress and additional accessories for it, as well as the bride's jewelry, play an important role. For example, if you chose an expensive dress with a simple cut without excessive pomposity, then you can choose a bright and large bouquet to emphasize your self-sufficiency and self-confidence, and for more complex dresses consisting of many details, it is better to choose a lighter and more delicate bouquet.

3. We take into account the season of the wedding and the location. There are many original solutions: for example, a wedding on the beach! To a small juicy bouquet of bright exotic flowers, add a little marine exotic – shells, corals. 
Each season and place of the wedding dictate their own motives for the bride's bouquet.

And, of course, dear girls and women, first of all, a wedding bouquet is the personification of your bright personality, happiness, and exciting emotions on this unique day.
Any flowers that match your personality are suitable for a wedding bouquet, the main thing is to combine them correctly, originally collect them and deliver bouquet on time for the celebration.

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